41 Happy Tears bonus pac

  1. The Story Of My Life
  2. Damn Love
  3. Living It Down
  4. He Still Calls Her Angel
  5. Superwoman
  6. Can You Hear Me Down The Hillside
  7. When The Last Child Leaves Home
  8. God’s Time
  9. Small Stuff
  10. I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change
  11. She’s Still Got It
  12. No More Tears To Cry
  13. Wearing White
  14. Hallelujah, I’m Ready
  15. There’s A Bridge Hanging On The Wall (featuring Smoky Dawson)
  16. My Dog Don’t Like You
  17. When The Last Child Leaves Home (duet with Billy Thorpe)
  18. I’m My Own Grandpa (with the Schneider Sisters)
  19. Love Lifted Me
  20. Reach Out (duet with Jimmy Little)

Released 2002

Produced by Graham Thompson

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